27 February 2014

What was in the bag I took to Frankfurt?

I thought I'd do a few short blog posts this year on what equipment I take with me on my various trips.

My first trip of the year was Germany for a Star Trek convention.   I wasn't being paid to be there, so all of the photos would be taken for me and not for a client.

It was also the first time I've travelled exclusively with micro four thirds cameras, leaving my big DSLR's at home.  Being able to travel relatively light is a refreshing change from how I used to travel, weighed down with fancy and heavy Canon L lens.

Technically I should be able to copy my SD cards and back them up to USB drives using the Samsung Note 10 (or for that matter the phone), but I'm just more comfortable keeping with what I know, hence I'm not quite ready to do away with the Windows PC yet.  The Dell Venue Pro that I used worked flawlessly...  I was able to keep 3 copies of every image, one on the Dell, another on the original SD card, and the third copy on the USB drive that I kept in my pocket.

I took the long 75-300mm lens only because I knew we were going to be visiting a zoo, otherwise I'd have left it at home.  The 35-100mm I took because I wanted to take a specific shot of the city at night, and I wasn't quite sure the 12-40mm would be quite long enough (actually it was).

Although I took a whole bunch of spare batteries, and a battery charger I ended up not using any of them.   Around 500 images were taken using my two Olympus cameras over the weekend, and both only used the one battery.   I was rather impressed given how much use they got.

The 10 stopper didn't get used, neither did the manual focus lens (I'd intended to experiment with some video using it, but didn't get around to it).  The mouse and keyboard didn't get used either, but only because I didn't do any editing while there, and because the hotel charged for wifi and I could only connect one device at a time.

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