30 June 2014

I don't like cricket...

I don't like cricket... say the lyrics of the 10cc song Dreadlock Holiday.  Until my evening at the Rose Bowl, sorry Ageas Bowl, I had to agree.

I'm not quite sure "I love it" though, but I certainly had an entertaining evening while watching the Hampshire vs Gloucestershire 2020 game. 

I'd never even considered cricket as a form of entertainment before this event, least of all actually making the effort to go to a game.  However when an invite came to a networking event at the Rose / Ageas Bowl, with complimentary afternoon tea and then a complimentary ticket to the 2020 game later in the evening it seemed like a no brainer.

It's cricket Jim, but not as we know it...  with loud music pumping out of the sound system whenever anyone scored a point or 6, and cheerleaders shaking their bits, it was all a bit of a win win.  Add to that a relaxed atmosphere, and the ability to walk around freely taking photos and it really was a most enjoyable evening.

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