06 June 2014

WBFF UK @ June 2014

The second WBFF show in the UK happened on Sunday 1st June 2014.

It was again at the Indigo O2 - which if you've never visited is without question the best stage I've seen for any UK fitness event.

I got to see things from both back and front stage, and it was hard to find a fault with the way the day happened.  The backstage operation was super slick.  From the military like precision timing of Sophie's make up team to the on location spray tanning booths at both registration and backstage.

The competitors, the majority competing for the first time all looked great.

Special mention to winner Susie Woffenden who I did a "little black dress" photoshoot with just a week before for winning.  I still think she needed a bigger diva outfit though! ;-)   Also to Dee Red, who was by far the happiest winner of the evening!

While I wasn't there in any official capacity, more just to network, be seen and hopefully get some photos that people liked.  Everyone I had the pleasure of talking to over the two days was positive, and hopefully plenty of new friendships were made that weekend.

Kudos to Paul, Allison, Shaun & Toby for bringing WBFF to the UK.   I'm already looking forward to the November event back at the same venue, and I'm trying really hard to get myself to Las Vegas for the Worlds in August.

Below are a fairly random collection of images from the day.  The top one though is probably my favourite, and arguably the real diva's of WBFF!   Sorry, Toby, Youssef, Nathan, Paul, Shaun and Dennis!   As always, official stage photos are only available from Toby Harrison.

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