28 July 2014

Port Lympne Wild Animal Park - Part 1

It was my first visit to Port Lympne Wild Animal Park and I was expecting only great things.  It had come recommended by someone, and with its high £24 (if you gift aid) ticket price, you would expect it to be one of the better zoos in the country.

We were there as part of a Photo Experience Days weekend. 

I'm writing two short blog posts on the park...  this one is the positive one, and the second one not so much.

Once we found the gorilla enclosure it was clear we found where the zoo had been putting all of their money.  They had a large indoor and outdoor space, and it was easy to get up close (just the thickness of a pane of glass separating us) to these amazing creatures.

There was no question the gorillas were the highlight of our day, although the cheetahs, lions and tigers did give them a run for their money.  Their rather tired enclosures were a bit of a let down though.

For general viewing public the walking part of the zoo is probably rather good, but if you're there as we were with the aim of trying to get some good photos, then forget it.  Except for the gorillas its just not going to happen, with thick wire fences and poorly designed viewing areas hindering getting a good shot.

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