08 August 2014

Photographing Fitness Competitions

In the past I've been quite vocal about the fitness events I've attended and shot. My ultimate aim of this was always to try and support the competitors who work so hard to get on stage.  Low quality stages (think roller banners / poor quality lighting) and poorly organised events just don't cut it these days.

Before I didn't really think much about the consequences of my words before opening my mouth, and I have lost a fair bit of business as a result.

For a while I thought my days of being an official photographer at a fitness competition were over, but then out of the blue an email from UFE Shows arrived asking if I'd like to be their photographer for their first European event.

UFE are a Canadian based company, and remembered me from my days when I used to shoot events in Canada for WNSO (aka FAME) (spit!). I won't go into the history here, but WNSO treated their suppliers and athletes appallingly badly, hence why they are no longer players today.

Thankfully the main man behind UFE Shows, Mr Sean Everingham shares my views on poor quality  stages; “UFE prides itself on giving our competitors some of the best stages in the industry to compete on.  We know how much work goes into making it to to the stage and, on the day of the show, we want to make our competitors feel like stars of the show and give them the kind of production they deserve to be showcased in.”, so it looks like it's going to be a good partnership going forward.

This makes me happy.

All of the information on the September event can be found on the UFE Shows website - www.ufeshows.com.

I am very much looking forward to photographing the event for them in September.

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