18 August 2014

Rewind Festival - The Audience

Over the next few days I'll posting photos from Rewind South (Henley). This first post is all about the people that make the festival... the festival go-ers.

After much pestering the PR company working for Rewind finally gave in and issued me a press pass. Huge thank you to Noble PR and Peter for the opportunity.  I'm not a seasoned music photographer, so I'm always very aware how privileged we are to be able to get such good access to photograph and watch the music from.

The press area was well equipped, our own air conditioned area with power for those who needed to edit and get photos uploaded quickly. Thankfully I didn't have that pressure, so I was able to chill and enjoy the music.

Highlights of being behind the scenes were not recognising DJ Mike Reid until the second day, despite sitting next to him on day one... and taking a handful of pick-n-mix from Pat Sharp!

Chatting with random people in the front row while waiting for the next act to come on... special hello to the Thompson Twins fans who spent most of the day at the front waiting for Tom!

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