22 April 2015

Recreating a sunset

Probably 25 years ago I photographed a sunset across Southampton water. 

Obviously this was a long time before digital.   If my memory is correct I was using a 600mm f/8 mirror lens combined with a x2 extender, making a rather insane 1200mm.

I've gone a little bit backwards in terms of maximum focal length, topping out now at 600mm (full frame equivalent).

It's an image I'd always wanted to try and recreate, and when I first started to research when the sun would set in that same location I found it would be twice a year.  Once in April and then again 4 months later in August.

Now a I needed was a clear evening.   I saw someone post a satellite image of a nearly cloudless United Kingdom, and decided then and there that to head out later that evening.

The resource I used to plot the sunset location was "The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)".  

Nearly everything was perfect, the skies were clear, TPE had the location of the sunset perfectly, but there was one thing I hadn't accounted for, one which wasn't even there when I arrived at Mayflower Park.

Damn you Hyundai Pride and its 365.5 meters of container ship ugly parking up directly in the middle of where the sun was due to set.

Slight imperfections permitting, I was still rather pleased with a couple of the images.

Next time I'll get it without the boat in the way!

Below - First image is the original photograph, poorly scanned from the original print, and secondly is the image taken yesterday.

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