17 April 2015

Robin Trower @ Salisbury City Hall

A few weeks ago I received an email from the promoters if I wanted a photo pass for one of the upcoming Robin Trower concerts.  The date and location of the Salisbury gig worked for me, so I said yes please.

I'd never even heard his name before, and I rocked up on the day of the gig not even having listened to any of his music.  He's actually rather good at the old guitar playing thing.

Live music photography normally comes with a certain set of rules to follow.  With Robin it was first two songs, and no moving around during the songs.  Before he took to stage I'd asked one of the sound techs what side of the stage he'd be on, with that knowledge to hand it basically meant I'd be standing front left of stage, right in front of the speakers (I always take earplugs to gigs for this very reason).  There was no photographers pit.

While this didn't afford me that much variety, I was rather pleased with the below images.  The stage lighting wasn't really working for me, hence I thought I'd process them all as black and white.  The resulting pictures seemed to suit the mood better.

After the two songs I went and sat in the very back row for a while.  The auditorium was perhaps only two thirds full.  I had to leave part way through, but what I did get to listen to was good, very good!

Oh, just to add to the evening, Phil "Time Team" Harding was in the room!  I didn't get a photo with him, and this makes me a bit sad.

If you'd like to help support me (I wasn't paid to be there), the below photos are available for purchase.  £20 for each high resolution digital image.  If you want multiple, email and I'll do you a deal. 

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