08 June 2015

A photo training day at the New Forest Wildlife Park

I had a prospective client ask me for a 1-2-1 photo training day as she was planning to go on a safari in South Africa later in the year...   fast forward a couple of months and we ended up at the New Forest Wildlife Park.

We spent the whole day in the park, which was, being a Monday, really rather quiet.  Much nicer than the mayhem of a sunny Saturday at Marwell Zoo a few weeks back.

We were treated to the lynx plucking a chicken, and the wolves ripping apart a Shetland pony that had been the unfortunate victim of a hit and run driver in the New Forest over the weekend. 

I've only done a handful of 1-2-1 photo training days so far, but I'm looking forward to doing more.

At the end of the day I asked my client to pick her favourite 10 images - one each of lynx, wolf, bison, deer, mouse, otter, butterfly, wild boar, wallaby, and one extra.  As I was also taking photos, I thought it could be a good exercise for me do to the same...

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