28 June 2015

Making a clients life difficult?

What?  Surely the last thing any business should be aiming for is to make the life of the client that bit more difficult, but that's exactly what I aim for on any of my photoshoots.

Selecting and using only the very best of the best images can be rather difficult at times, but doing this means that only the strongest images from a particular photoshoot get released and as a result everyone looks better.

For example, lets take my most recent photoshoot, with WBFF Pro model Cristina Silva.  We shot for several hours over an afternoon, and ended up with just over 500 images that she had to pick from.

Cristina struggled to find just 20 favourites, and ended up with 33.

Below are three of my favourites from her selection, and below that a somewhat silly GoPro video from the shoot.


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