22 July 2015

Photographing a New Forest wedding

This was the first wedding I've photographed at Woodlands Lodge Hotel, and I really must remember that these small hotels struggle to cater for wedding guests and "normal people" at the same time.  It's my own fault, I mean it's not like I'm in a hotel or anything....  Oh wait....  First I asked for a toasted sandwich....  To which the rather grumpy receptionist replied "You've got two chances, slim and none. And slim just left town...".   Okay so she didn't use those exact words, but you get the idea.  A few minutes later I poked my head into the bar to see if I could get a packet of crisps (I could, the lady behind the bar was very friendly), but this didn't stop me from meeting the wrath of the grumpy receptionist again, who told me off quite publicly a couple of times for daring to talk to the bar staff when the bar wasn't quite open yet.

The tea was free flowing, and it was good tea!

Anyway, enough of my grumpiness.  Obviously none of this affected the big day of Patricia and Bryan.  I'd been promised dogs and a motorbike (for the couples shoot), and they didn't disappoint.  Schumacher the Golden Retriever and Holly the Beagle own the happy couple, and were finally wedding guests I could relate to!

I've known Patricia for some years. having met I think at a wedding fair, and already done a couple of photography jobs for (I did a shoot for Holly, and another for Cordelectra the string trio she is a part of). 

Huge congratulations to Patrica & Bryan.  It was a pleasure to play a small part in your big day.

I was only booked for a few hours, so didn't capture as much as I normally do, but...  Well, I'll let the photos do the talking....

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