14 December 2015

Duran Duran at Bournemouth BIC

Over the last few years I've been fortunate enough to photography many of my favourite 80's bands, and finally here was my chance to shoot one of the biggest bands of the era. 

Or was it?

When I left home a mid afternoon all I had was a ticket for a seat up in the gods of the BIC.  Normally I have no problem sneaking my smallest Olympus camera in, but I wanted to shoot them properly. 

The confirmation came just 3 hours before the doors opened.  I had a photo pass!  Happy days!

Arriving at the venue early I found myself again with "rock star parking", although the scraping of the vans aerial on the roof of the low ceilinged car park was a little worrying while parking.

The warm up act was the Bloom Twins, but due to my love affair with all things Ukraine, they'll get a blog post of their own.

The stage was one of the best lit I've ever seen - bright lights everywhere.  No need to push the camera to its ISO limits here or fast prime lens, which made for a welcome change from some of the smaller venues I've shot at this year.

As normal we got just the first 3 songs to shoot.  These were Paper Gods (a kind of forgettable new song), Wild Boys (it's not easy to sing along and photograph at the same time!), and Hungry Like The Wolf.

Simon Le Bon with his skinny white jeans was on fine voice, and didn't look or sound a bit of his 57 years.  At times he was so close to the edge of the stage I could have reached out and touched his shoe - although I didn't.

I stood just off to the side of the stage for the rest of the concert - the security staff didn't seem to mind at all.  Other than when the paper canon shot its load, and during the mobile phone lights of Save A Prayer I just enjoyed the show.

At nearly two hours long they were excellent value for money and I stayed until the arena lights went up.

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