29 January 2016

Bloom Twins

Having just confirmed my fourth Photo Experience Days trip to Ukraine where I'll get to spend 4 nights in Kiev and another in Chernobyl, it seemed a good time to post these photos.

Unsurprisingly I'd never heard of Bloom Twins until a few days before the Duran Duran concert that they were the support act for.  One of the people I was going to the gig with (thanks Sharon!) looked them up and knowing my interest in all things Ukraine told me that they were infact from Ukraine.

A little bit of research later and I'd discovered that they were actual twins from Kiev, like the majority of Kiev women, rather attractive, and they could actually play and sing.  Excellent, my love affair with all things Ukraine continues.

At this point I still hadn't had my photo pass for the gig confirmed, and wouldn't until after I'd left for the venue.

Standing behind keyboards the whole time, they were a challenging to photograph, and nearly impossible to get a decent photo of the two of them together.

These are my favourites from the Bournemouth gig at the BIC.

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