06 January 2016

No one really cares

The amount of general litter around the area where I live in Southampton isn't a new problem, but the few times I've walked down the road to the local shops (Lordshill Centre / aka Sainsburys) I've noticed it becoming much worse the closer you get to the shops.

Normally, like everyone else I just walk on by, tut to myself and do nothing about it.  Today however I decided to take a few photos to highlight the problem and then see if I can't find someone who might just be able to action a clean up.

Sainbury's have been very responsive via Twitter, kudos to them for that.  As the biggest business located there, perhaps they'll be able to lead the way to get the area cleaned up.

Photos below, and a map at the bottom (credit to Google for that) to highlight I photographed. 

Area A

Area A

Area A

Area B

Area C

Area D

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