26 February 2016

Photographing a winter wedding in Salisbury

This was my second wedding in Salisbury, and the weather forecast was for rain.  Thankfully not as much rain as the wettest day in recorded history (I may have just made that up) last summer...

As much as I like Salisbury, parking there is a pain in the arse, with only short term car parks near to the venues I needed to be close to.  Thankfully because it was quite a late wedding, I was able to just about get away with the 3 hour time limit.

I rather like Salisbury Registry Office.  It's a modern look, with loads of natural light coming in through the south facing windows for the ceremony room that we were in.

I should probably introduce the bride and groom, Joh and Martin, a very chilled out couple, and very easy to work with.  I was about to say if only all my wedding clients were like this, but thankfully for the most part they have been.

When shooting a wedding I always try and get myself a second shooter, it's how I photographed my first wedding, and an excellent way to learn.  I don't just take anyone though, they have to be a capable photographer, with the right equipment for the job and the confidence to step up should something happen to me.  My support today was Sarah, someone I've worked with a number of times.  She is excellent, supporting me as the lead shooter, helping the bride with the girlie things, reminding me of the names of the bride & groom (yes really!), and of course taking some good images that nicely supplemented mine.  Thank you again for an excellent job Sarah!

This was my first wedding since I'd upgraded the firmware on my Olympus OM-D EM1, so I was keen to try out the "silent shutter" feature they'd added.  Even though the mirrorless camera I use isn't nearly as noisy as a traditional DSLR, being able to switch it from quiet to silent is a great addition, especially during the ceremony, even if it takes a bit of getting used to.

The reception was held at The Cosy Club, a ten minute walk across town.  Thank you to Sarah for making the walk so I could jump in the spare seat of a taxi some of the guests were using.

We had the upstairs area in the venue, it was a little tight for space, and a bit dark, but I guess that's why it's called The Cosy Club.  In the past I've had some bloody awful service as a photographer at weddings, normally at badly run hotels.  However I'm pleased to say that the staff at The Cosy Club were most excellent, bring tea, food, tea and more tea.

Every wedding I shoot is different, and with this one it was more about capturing the moments rather than posing for more formal portraits.  I'd like to give a bit thank you to Joh & Martin for letting me play a small part in your big day, it was fun, and I do hope to see the Star Trek The Next Generation dance at some point! ;-)

If you'd like more information on my wedding photography, please take a look at my wedding photography website - Shoot The Big Day.

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