24 March 2016

Joe Bonamassa at the Bournemouth BIC

Rewind around six months and I was driving into Bournemouth a few hours before the Joe Bonamassa gig only to see a big sign at the side of the road clearly saying "Joe Bonamassa concert tonight cancelled".

"Bugger!" was my only printable blog comment.

Back to the present day and the time had come for the rescheduled gig.

The concert had come on the back of a long weekend of Photo Experience Days in Durdle Door and Corfe Castle, and all I really wanted to do was go home and put my feet up for the evening.

Attached to my photo pass was a bit of paper with the "rules" for the photography of Joe.  The normal first three songs (which thankfully added up to nearly 25 minutes of music), and then some other stuff...  Essentially translated it meant I'd be shooting from the back or the sides.


I'd packed my longest lens, the Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8, which combined with the x1.4 extender would give me a full frame focal length of 420mm @ f/4.  Less than ideal.

Security were as all good security are, actually quite friendly and helpful.  The head of security originally said I'd have to shoot from the sides about 15 rows back.

Bugger indeed.

However he then came back with the suggestion of shooting from the tunnels leading into the hall.  Much better, at least I'd be right in front of the stage, or be it rather a long way back.

After the first 3 songs, I made my way to the exit.  No staying for the whole gig as I'd been able to do for Duran Duran last year.  Which, was actually just fine.  I was knackered, had shed loads of photos to sort through once arriving home, and master of his craft as Joe clearly is, it wasn't really my kind of thing.

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