20 April 2016

Arrochar Torpedo Range

Our first proper photography stop on the 4-day road trip Photo Experience Days in Scotland was on the opposite side of Loch Long to the one tearoom/pub village of Arrochar.  It was a chance encounter as we saw some abandoned buildings loch side as we drove past.

With rails on the floor it was clear they were moving something heavy around, and being where it was we all came to the conclusion it was fishing related.  It wasn't until I arrived home that I did a bit of research, and as the post title says, it was indeed a torpedo testing range, which suddenly made it a whole load more interesting, and if I'd known this at the time I'd have probably suggested we spent a bit more time exploring.

The site looked eerily similar to some of the buildings in Pripyat (Chornobyl), and my research says it has been abandoned since 1986 (the same year as the Chornobyl disaster).

Over the years the site has been refereed to as "Royal Naval Torpedo Testing Station and Range", "Loch Long Torpedo Range" and also "Arrochar Torpedo Range".

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