22 April 2016

Scotland PED - Day 1 - Sterling to Oban

The first day of the road trip saw us starting the day in Sterling, with a destination of Oban.

With a cloudy start to the day we didn't really stop until reaching the loch side village of Arrochar, with the Torpedo Testing Range just around the other side of Loch Long.

As you can see from the map, we took the long way around, taking our time, making many stops along the way.

Without doubt the highlight of the first day was finding the breathtaking view to be had from the bar/cafe at the Loch Melfort Hotel.    So good infact that we decided to come back later in the evening to watch the sunset, have dinner, and then try our hands at some astro photography with the skies becoming clearer by the minute.

My challenge to myself (and my clients) was to pick the best 10 images that sum up each of the four days.

These are my ten choices from day 1.

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