24 April 2016

Scotland PED - Day 3 - Glencoe & Glenfinnan

Although we started the day in Oban, our first stop of the day was in Glencoe village at the most excellent Glencoe Cafe where we enjoyed the best cup of tea of the trip.

Today we were going to be battling with the elements, with rain and drizzle forecast for the whole day.  Rain is a real pain in the butt to keep off the camera lens, more so when doing 10-stopper long exposures, but I normally prefer a cloudy sky when photographing blurry 30 second waterfall images as it eliminates the contrasting light/dark patches that a sunny day can create.

Our waterfall with a mountain background took us through Glencoe to this unnamed road as shown on the map.  Apparently it's where they filmed that scene from the James Bond movie Skyfall (you know the one), although I admit I didn't recognise it at the time, so failed to recreate the view/photo.  I clearly need to return.

Anyway, the waterfall we found was perfection as hopefully you'll agree from the photos.

After lunch, checking into our Fort William hotels, and a walk along the nearly deserted FW High Street, we made our way to Glenfinnan Viaduct.  Apparently this has been made (more) famous by the Harry Potter films, but yeh, I wouldn't know about that as I've never seen any.  It is however an excellent photoraphic subject - even in the drizzle.

From the car park it's around a half mile walk to the viaduct and the hill that you have to climb to get up level with it.  Even for a lazy b'stard like myself, it was well worth the effort.


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