21 May 2016

King King & Dan Patlansky in Salisbury

I had the pleasure of meeting up with both bands at Cupcake Heaven, where they were given cakes with a very nicely printed copy of their album covers on.

Dan Patlansky was supporting King King at City Hall in Salisbury, which is without doubt one of the friendliest venues in the verse.  All of the staff from the manager down are really rather wonderful, keeping things low key and friendly, just as they should.

The only downside of the venue, at least in its fully seated configuration, is that its a bugger to shoot at.  You have to stand at the sides, even then I was told off by one member of the audience for blocking his view of Dan for a few seconds.

The lighting, at least for this evening, was, how should I say this nicely...  Suboptimal. 

The music though, was rather wonderful, but as always I'll let those more qualified talk about that.

Some photos...

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