03 August 2016

Afro Celt System at Folk By The Oak

Folk By The Oak was the second time in a little over a week I had the privilege of photographing Afro Celt Sound System.

Folk had a very laid back feeling, perhaps a little too chilled out, even for me.

I had my normal backstage, frontstage access, and again I tried to make the most of it.  Moving around, capturing their set from all angles.

The stage lighting was all but non-existent at the front of the stage, which meant that whenever the band ventured into the front few feet of the stage, they plunged into darkness.  This made the photography much more of a challenge.

I'd been told about the fireworks at the end of the set.  I arrived with my tripod, and made sure to talk to the firework guy beforehand to get as much information as possible.   I also scouted out the location I'd shoot from.

The band are doing a tour of the UK in the autumn, and if they are playing anywhere near you, do try and get to see them.  They really are a most excellent bunch of musicians (and people).

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