30 August 2016

Rewind Festival in Henley - Day 2

Day two started well with warm sunshine which made for a much nicer atmosphere than the rain scattered Saturday.

On stage through the day were

The Beat
Earth Wind & Fire Experience
British Electric Foundation Featuring Jaki Graham, Mari Wilson, Peter Hooton, Claudia Brucken, The Lotus Eaters, and Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17.
Living In A Box
Annabella of Bow Wow Wow
Roland Gift
Heather Small
Marc Almond
Adam Ant

With a change of scheduled timings I missed all but the last 5 seconds of the final song from The Beat because of a little walkabout around the festival grounds.

Two highlights of the day for me, the big one on stage was Adam Ant, who I think I summed up nicely in a Twitter post by saying "Utterly bonkers, Utterly brilliant".  I'd read some comments online a few days before where people were saying how disappointed they were in his performance at one of the other Rewind festivals.  I took them with a pinch of salt because I read similar things about The B52's and Tom Bailey when they played Rewind - both of whom were exceptional.

Adam didn't disappoint, and he bounced around the stage like a 20 something.  Sadly I wasn't able to see the end of his set as I was knackered and wanted to escape the car park before the 2 hour queues that would come after he finished.

The second highlight of the day, was Mike Read going out in the rain to buy myself and another photographer tea.   What can I say, I'm easy to please when I have a cup of tea in my hand.

Oh the rain, yes it came back again, quite heavily for around an hour during the BEF set - at one point there were only 2 other photographers out there with me braving the elements.

The photos...   Only one missing is Living In A Box because I was drying out in the press tent drinking tea bought for me by Mr Read!

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