30 October 2016

The wrong kind of nut

Upon arriving on Brownsea Island today with my Photo Experience Days group we headed straight to the area that had proved so successful last weekend.

Another photographer had beaten us there by a few seconds, and as I was laying out my nuts on the log (peanuts!!) he kind of politely asked me not to, saying something about them over exposing in the photo and not looking "natural" enough.  At that point he got a different kind of nut out of his pocket and laid them out.

Although I didn't entirely (at all) agree with him, I respected the fact that he was there first, so let him have his way and instead photograph in a slightly different place.

Fast forward a few minutes and we hear him talking to a woman who had tried to help him by putting down a few nuts.  Unlike with me where he was polite, this was a full blown argument, that could be heard some distance away.  I even went over to the woman after she'd retreated promising her that most photographers weren't anywhere near that grumpy (yes I can see the irony in that statement).

Fast forward a bit more time, and said grumpier photographer got a talking to by one of the National Trust staff.  We were sure if he was being told off for throwing sticks at the rather annoying peacocks, or if the woman had complained about him (she'd have been well within her rights if she had).

Either way, he slopped off after the talking to, never to be seen again.

We smiled.

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