23 February 2017

Showcase Cinema de Lux in Southampton

As of last week the first new cinema in Southampton for around 20 years opened its doors.

I paid my first visit there today.

It's very shiny, and in a whole different league to the two other mainstream cinemas in the city.  In fact, how those two cinemas are going to be able to compete must surely be a big question with their respective management.

The Showcase Cinema de Lux is without question the best cinema I've ever visited.  You can even take a beer in there.

The only slight negative are the "farting" chairs that make rude noises as you recline.  Funny for the first few seconds, and then a tad annoying.

If they can keep it looking as nice as it does a week after opening, it will be a joy to visit in the future.

Oh, and I found out shortly after watching John Wick: Chapter 2 that I'd spent the last two hours watching a Keanu Reeves movie and not for a moment recognising him - indeed at one point coming to the opinion that the dog in the movie was a better actor that the lead was...  Opps!

I took a few photos of the lobby areas while I was there - it was too dark inside the auditorium for photos.

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