29 December 2017

Salisbury Catherdral Stich

There's nothing particularly remarkable about this photo of Salisbury Cathedral, except the fact that its four photos merged into one.  It came about because I didn't have the right lens with me, so it was either a choice of a very wide angle shot at (18mm), or shoot at 50mm and not get the whole thing in.

So I decided, very crudely I might add, to take four images (at 50mm) that I'd then try to stitch together.   Never having tried anything more than a simple horizontal panoramic before, I wasn't sure how my software of choice (Affinity Photo) would cope, but nothing ventured and all that...

I didn't exactly make it easy for the software, adding the photos (Fuji RAW files) in the order taken starting bottom right and working clockwise.  Some time later out popped this result.   A quick Nix Silver Efex filter later to turn it black and white, and the result was really rather pleasing.

It's a technique I'll be experimenting with more.

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