26 February 2018

The dogs of Chernobyl (Winter edition)

There are many reasons I've fallen in love with the Chernobyl Zone, but meeting the dogs living in the zone is always a highlight.

Most of the dogs seem to live a mostly "wild" existence, but they all seem healthy and happy.   Some are a little nervous, and some, like Tarzan (more on him later) are playful.

If you're interested to learn more about my trips to Chernobyl, please take a look at my Photo Experience Days website.

Someone, whether its the locals, the workers, or tourists is looking after and feeding them.

Tarzan, the dog who lives at the entrance to Duga, was wonderful company and he kept us entertained on the walk up to the radar - playing in the snow, with various sticks, or just playing.

This is Tarzan.

(Someone remind me to buy some dog biscuits for my next visit to the zone in August!)

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