20 March 2018

The Photography Show 2018

On Saturday I visited The Photography Show and spent a few hours walking aimlessly around, drinking tea, catching up with my colleagues at Benro and making a new Fujifilm friend.

Catching the 07:27 train from Southampton Airport, we arrived shortly before the doors opened at 10am.

My first stop was the Benro stand.  It was impossible to miss the 3x2 metre print of my photo taken at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.  It was only ever supposed to be a snapshot (taken while waiting for the sunset) to throw up on social media, so for it to be turned into the biggest I've ever seen my work displayed put quite a smile on my face.

One of the reasons I like to visit TPS is for the smaller companies that you just might not have heard of, the ones with innovative products, and I found one, a British company called Adaptalux that had a most interesting LED macro light system - take a look at their website - it'll explain their product much better than I can here.

Being jumped on (not quite literally) by a slightly bonkers woman on the Fujifilm stand, who had seen my Chernobyl patch on my jacket.  Turns out we have a Nikolai (the best damn Chernobyl tour guide in the 'verse) in common.

Visiting TPS over the weekend of Comic Con means a walkthrough by the cosplayers...

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