01 May 2018

Fujifilm Repairs

Every camera is going to go wrong at some point.  How easy / difficult it is to get fixed is a whole other story.

I've had the opportunity over the last few weeks to test out how Fujifilm does with their repairs as I've had to send 3 of my Fujifilm bodies (I own 4) back to get fixed.

My two X-Pro2's although working perfectly, had both lost the viewfinder eyecup, which it would seem after talking to the Fujifilm technicians at The Photography Show was a known fault.  Repairing it wasn't as simple as buying an after market eyecup (don't buy one of these, they are rubbish!) and sticking it on, with the whole EVF accessibly needing to be swapped out.

While it doesn't affect the operation of the camera, it does make it look a bit rubbish, and more importantly the weather sealing, which as I'm often out in less than perfect weather, is quite important to me.

Despite both of my X-Pro2's being out of warranty, because it was a known fault, Fujifilm agreed to fix them at no cost.  Kudos Fujifilm!

The process starts by filling out a form on their website, and then waiting a couple of days for a box complete with paid postage (they used DPD & Royal Mail for me).

Tracking and communications are excellent, with emails and text messages as the box/camera travels down the line, to Fujifilm, to the technicians desk, to when it's fixed, and when it's on it's way back to you.   Really quite impressive.

There was a minor blip on one of the boxes arriving, ie after nearly a week it hadn't, so I had to chase it, and they actually answer their phones.  More kudos!

The third repair was needed for my X-T20, which developed a fault where it wouldn't recognise SD cards - not quite all SD cards, but some, one's that worked before.   The time scale on this repair was quick, posted via Royal Mail on a Friday, and received back via DPD exactly a week later.   It had not only been fixed, but they'd also updated the newly released firmware, saving me a job.   This one was still under warranty, and I just had to send them a copy of my London Camera Exchange receipt as evidence.

Having a camera go wrong is always going to be "meh", but thankfully Fujifilm make the repairs process about as painless as it can be.

Hopefully it'll be the last time I need to use their repairs centre for a long time though!

Update:  The third and final repair, on my second X-Pro2 took just 6 days from dropping off to arriving back at the front door.

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