20 August 2018

The Jimmy Sommerville Group Photo

It might have been the fifth year in a row of photographing Rewind south, but when I arrived at on Saturday morning I didn't even have a confirmed photo pass, but by the time I left I'd been asked to stand on the house bands drum riser to take a group photo of at the end of Jimmy Sommerville's set of everyone who'd performed with him.

Now I don't normally get nervous when I'm behind a camera, but I don't mind saying that I was shitting it a bit.  Not because of the 15,000 people out front but because I really didn't want to bugger it up.

To make things just a bit more pressured, I had two people telling me that there was no time to take the photo (they wanted to get the stage ready for the headliners OMD).  In the end I think the line up was there for under 10 seconds. It wasn't until getting home and looking at the photo that I even saw who was in the line up... Jimmy!  All I saw at the time was a row of people.

Oh, and my lens wasn't quite wide enough (it was all I had with me), and I couldn't see through the viewfinder (camera held high over my head to avoid getting the drum kit in the photo!).

I'd tipped off a friend in the audience to what was happening, and he (thanks Tim!) was able to get this fantastic photo of the photo!

A very big thank you to Lily and Tony for making this weekend possible for me.  I hope to work with you both again sometime soon.

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