20 September 2018

The incredible zoom range of the Nikon P1000

The Civic Centre branch of London Camera Exchange kindly let me play with the brand new Nikon P1000 bridge camera this week.  I only had it in my hands for a couple of minutes, really just long enough to take a couple of example photos of the insane zoom range of this beast.

I call it a beast, because it is, in every sense of the word.

I should have got a side by side shot with its predecessor the Nikon P900 because the P1000 makes it look tiny in comparison.

It has a 24mm to 3000mm optical zoom, which is a staggering x125!

What did they change?  Well probably quite a bit, but the three big changes for me are...

An improved viewfinder that is now actually usable.  It was so bad on the P900 that you were mostly forced to use the flippy screen.

The zoom range has increased a whopping 1000mm, up from the 24 to 2000mm range of the P900.

The other big change is the addition of RAW, something that was very much lacking from the P900.  However like all new cameras, the software applications take a while to catch up, so the examples here are JPG's directly from the camera (I've resized and sharpened a tad).

I'd love to have longer with the beast, but they kinda wanted it back, and I didn't have a spare £1000 burning a hole in my wallet!

Anyway, two examples of the zoom range at 24mm and 3000mm.

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